Wythall Animal Sanctuary has been running successful boarding kennels for over 40 years.

All monies raised from boarding go directly back into supporting the day to day running costs of the Sanctuary.


Boarding dropping off and collection times:

Mornings: 9.00am-10.30am

Afternoons:  2.00pm-4.30pm

These times are specified to keep the disruption to the smooth running of the ‘SANCTUARY’ to a minimum. We hope that clients will appreciate this and adhere to our wishes.

If you are arranging for a third party to deliver or collect your dog you must advise us in advance.

Please note if you are delayed for any reason please let us know as soon as possible. If we have enough notice we will be able accommodate your pet until your arrival or if need be keep them an extra night but we do need to know as soon as possible as there may another pet due to come into that space.


About our boarding kennels

We have 18 boarding kennels. 10 single occupancy and 8 double kennels for 2 dogs to share.

Our boarding kennels were fully renovated to a high standard in 2014.

The boarding kennels are situated in a separate part of the Sanctuary to our rescue dogs.

Each boarding kennel has an indoor underfloor heated sleeping area or full size radiator connected via a hatch to their own run.

Boarding dogs are exercised at least twice a day in our secure field, this is a separate area to where the rescue dogs are exercised. Your dog can be exercised on or off lead on their own or with other dogs as you prefer.

Whilst with us your dog will be cared for by our experienced and qualified kennel staff who, coming from a animal welfare background, have your dog’s well-being at heart and understand how a kennel environment could be stressful for your dog. We have separate runs overlooking the field and a quiet social room complete with sofas if your dog needs a little extra TLC. We run the boarding kennel to help support our animal rescue not to make a profit and hope you and your dog has a good experience boarding with us so that you will return.

Your dog’s regular diet , medication and usual feeding times will be catered for.

We supply good quality turkey and rice complete food, most wet foods and mixer at no extra cost.

Our staff are experienced at and happy to administer routine medication. Some other kennels charge extra for this service.

We guarantee to exercise your dog at least twice a day, or more often if required.

Should we have any concerns regarding your pet’s health then our vet is only 15 minutes away. We record your pet’s own veterinary details so that they can be consulted or treated by your own vet if you prefer.

We also ask you to leave us a mobile number or the contact number of a relative or friend we could contact on your behalf if you can’t be contacted should the need arise whilst you are away.

Two members of staff are resident on site.

We are not breed specific.

Our kennels are regulated, licensed by and annually inspected by Bromsgrove District Council.

We welcome you to come along and view our kennels, during our normal opening hours,  prior to booking your dog in.

Most of the canine visitors are former Sanctuary dogs, who enjoy returning to us every year for their ‘country’ holiday.



The cost of boarding your dog with us is £15 a day.

Please note that you be charged for the day that your dog arrives and the day it is collected. This is because the kennel is reserved in your dogs name for the whole of that day to insure that we are not double booked and to allow time for the vacant kennel to be thoroughly cleaned between visitors.

A deposit of £15 is required to confirm your booking and you will need to provide evidence of the dogs vaccinations at the time of booking and again upon your dogs arrival.

**Please note this is a non refundable deposit but can be transferred to another booking of different dates if you need to change/cancel your holiday.** This is as we may have had to turn someone away that otherwise we could have accommodated.

If your dog is not insured then we can offer our own insurance costing just £4 per week to cover your dog during its stay with us.

Full payment must be made either on the dogs arrival or collection. We accept payment by credit or debit card. Cheques will only be accepted with a current cheque guarantee card.

Please note that you will be charged for the whole of your stay. If for personal reasons you wish or need to collect your dog a day or two earlier we will still need to charge you for the whole period that you reserved the kennel(s) for. Because the kennel has been booked to you for that period it means that we have been unable to offer the  space to other potential customers. Please remember that your boarding fee is helping to fund our rescue and all monies we raise from boarding directly helps the Sanctuary.


Conditions  – 


In order to be able to stay at our boarding kennels your dog MUST be fully vaccinated  having had its booster within the past 12 months.

This means your dog will have had its initial vaccinations and a booster within the last 12 months for:




Canine Parainfluenza


Kennel Cough  –  As this is a live vaccine your dog MUST  have it administered at least 2 weeks BEFORE it enters our boarding kennels.


Other Vaccinations

Rabies – at present your dog does not need to be vaccinated against this disease to board with us. If your dog HAS been then you MUST inform us when you make your booking.



According to the Control Of Dogs Order 1992 your dog should wear a collar and disc at all times. To be legal the disc should bear your surname and current address.

Irrespective of whether your dog wears a collar at home when in our care he/she must wear a secure collar – NOT a check chain or harness – bearing your current name and address. The dogs name and your telephone number are optional and we leave that to your discretion.

Whilst in our care your dog will also be fitted with a temporary tag bearing our contact details.

Irrespective of whether your dog is micro-chipped, or what other form of identification they bear at home, whilst he/she is in our care we do insist that the dog is legally correct.


By law your dog MUST be micro-chipped to you and all of your details on record must be up to date.

If your dog is micro-chipped, or bears some other form of permanent ID, please inform us when you book in.


Whilst in our care your dog will be provided with one of our plastic beds, clean blankets for bedding, food and water bowls.

You are welcome to leave a toy, blanket or a item of your clothing if you feel it will make your dog feel more settled but please do not leave a favourite or valuable item as in a busy kennel environment we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of items during your dog’s stay.