Wythall Animal Sanctuary

As well as dogs and cats we also offer a safe haven for many other animals. We always have rabbits looking for homes, often guinea pigs and others such as ponies, ferrets, rodents and parakeets. As well as domestic animals we also take in injured and orphaned birds and small wildlife. Wherever possible we care for them until they can be released but if they need more specialised care we pass them on to a wildlife rescue.

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Our lovely Patron Rock legend Tony Iommi is in New York at the moment and is extremely busy with ‘The End’ sell out world tour with Black Sabbath. Despite this he still had time to call us yesterday (23rd August) to see how all the animals were and to tell us he hadn’t forgotten us. Tony keeps up to date with our news on our Facebook and website and very kindly said he will donate some items for our upcoming fundraising Rock Night auction


Pet Boarding Conditions


By law your dog MUST be micro-chipped to you and all of your details on record must be up to date.If your dog is micro-chipped, or bears some other form of permanent ID, please inform us when you book in.

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Whilst in our care your dog will be provided with one of our plastic beds, clean blankets for bedding, food and water bowls. We ask you NOT to leave your dogs lead with us as we have plenty of leads here to use and it may be mislaid during your dogs stay.

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According to the Control Of Dogs Order 1992 your dog should wear a collar and disc at all times. To be legal the disc should bear your surname and current address.The dogs name and your telephone number are optional and we leave that to your discretion.

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Wythall Animal Sanctuary retain the right to refuse to admit an animal for boarding.

Our staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have 01564 823288.


Great Works

” They made sure that we have the right support which allowed us to stay strong when finding the right pet for our family.”

– Kirstin W. Everton

Amazing Experiece

” They try to provide you with a wholesome experience and I was happy that they could provide the right help when needed.”

– Melissa Klank

Loved The Pets

” They have a lot of pets and they are also trained to do certain things to ensure that everything works well for them as well as us.”

– Roger Phillips


Here at the Sanctuary we have a variety of clothing and items for sale.Show your support for our charity by wearing or using our products.Items available to buy or order from our reception here at the Sanctuary.

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The Best Animal Sanctuaries Around the World

Animal Sanctuaries

Due to the growing animal cruelty around the world, many organisations and people have come together to create protective environments for animals. There are phenomenal animals being protected in animal sanctuaries located at incredible destinations around the globe. If you are planning to visit animals sanctuaries this holiday, here is a list to help you decide.

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

This park was established by Lek more than two decades ago for safe-keeping elephants. She is also known as “the elephant whisperer” because of the love she gets from the elephants. Elephants suffer a lot due to tourism in Thailand, due to which Lek created a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for them. The elephants get the treatment they need and also receive the right nourishment with a 24/7 protected area.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Australia

Koalas have a pretty long sleeping pattern as they sleep almost 23 hours a day. But many zoos allow the visitors to hold koalas for taking selfies which disturbs their sleeping cycle. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary strictly limits the visitors to hold koalas for not more than 30 minutes so they can seel the rest of their day.

Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica

It is the first sloth rescue centre in the world which was formed in 1992, which works to protect and take care of sloths. The sanctuary also provides educational tours about the sloths. The scientists in the sanctuary revealed that sloths suffer from tachycardia, due to which when they are held by unfamiliar people can cause premature deaths. The sanctuary provides the right education and aware people about their main predator- man.

Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary, New Zealand

This sanctuary was opened as a conservation project with scientists working to restore the island for ten years. The agenda of this project was to restore the lost native species. They have managed to create an open sanctuary with all the endangered species of the place now thriving at their natural settings. You can enjoy bird watching and hike on this island which is just a ferry drive away from Auckland.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is known as one of the best places on earth with over 150 orphaned elephants rescued and protected. Other than the elephants, the sanctuary also has rescued rhinos and giraffes under the anti-poaching project. The goal of the community is to nourish the elephants the right way before leaving them back in the wild.


Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, China

Who doesn’t like pandas? This sanctuary in China is meant for breeding pandas. Pandas have a hard time in breeding as females ovulate only once a year. This is a problem as the species is already fighting for survival. The Chengdu Research Base provides the right education tours to the visitors as well as research on protecting these adorable creatures.